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5.20.02  From Frances Steinacker Fadullon, USA
I really enjoy your column.  I am married to a Pinoy and have an 18-month old girl full of wonder and amazement.  Our life is, needless to say, a very interesting merger of cultures.
6.19.02 From Westley Lake, USA
....I like your columns especially the one on "BANGUNGOT"...that was so funny...I had a big laugh!
9.29.02 From Nerissa Hansen, Copenhagen
I always enjoy reading your articles as I can relate to most of the things you write about, for instance the very recent one on how to spot our compatriots.  Keep up with the good work.
11.17.02 From Debbie Folkner, Texas
I enjoy reading your column, and I had recently (two months ago or so) commented on your talent and articulate way, of getting your message across.  I also enjoy reading about your own personal life and the personal, consistant, effort and endurance that it takes to be happy about who you truly are.  I suppose... I can say with my experience, it has been a journey, however you remain true to yourself. By admitting there has been a time in your life that you were embarrassed for anyone to know that you are Filipino, and to me- that is half the battle of knowing our own faults,  and admitting, not only to ourselves, but in your case...letting the whole world know!  Stand proud, and please continue the great work that you are doing! 
11.21.02 From John Carlo Parducho, California
I'm writing to give a wonderful acknowledgement of your "Manila Girl Series" published in The Filipino Express.  I was searching for online copies of print articles for my term paper regarding the integration and assimilation of Filipino immigrants here in the United States.  I would say that your articles were just what I've been looking for!  Your articles about the "undocumented" everyday lives of Filipinos in the U.S. really supplements and supports other articles I used from different books.  Although I found out that the paper is based on (sic) New Jersey, I believe that the general sense of how Pinoys in America live their lives is very much the same here in California as it is there in New Jersey (or wherever you are writing your articles from).   And may I, with your gracious permission, use ideas and thoughts from your articles as sources from my paper?  I will, however, cite where I got those ideas from.  Medyo nakakapanibago nga lang po kasi we didnt use the MLA thing back in High School in the Philippines. 
12.16.02  From Terry Evangelista-Netusil, Syracuse, NY
Thanks for the artcile on dual citizenship.  I have a 7 year old daughter and I kept telling her that she is both Filipino and American since I was still a Filipino when I gave birth to her.  My only problem is when I file a form and ask for ethnicity - I always fill up- others - since my daughter is part Czech, Irish, French, Spanish and Filipino. I do not know if I am doing it right but that is always what I do.  By the way I like the title of your column - Manila Girl and I was one of those that was crazy with Duran Duran and Spandau Ballet - even with Boy George and Wham ( esp. Careless Whisper).